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Testing, sorting, and reworking
We maintain the quality of your products and make sure that deliveries are made on time, at your company, your customers’ plant or at our site, for example, for goods dispatch after production or for goods receipt before assembly. Transparent daily, weekly or monthly reports or also, upon request, status reports provide you with precise information on which tasks have been completed and when. Also upon request, we can provide you with your own server access to retrieve these data.

Visual checks
Using illuminated magnifiers, microscopes or endoscopes we are also able to recognize even the smallest discrepancies and tolerance limits.

Quality Planning and Risk Minimization
Competences gained from experience can help to minimize errors. Potential errors must be identified and countermeasures should be in place for the entire added value chain, including the phases of development, construction, series planning, prototype production, and pilot production. Depending on the project phase / production phase, engineers or specialists ensure that the subsequent processes are conducted more efficiently and more cost-effectively, thereby raising the level of quality.

Nondestructive materials testing
Using either your measuring equipment or ours, we carefully and reliably check whether the material quality of your work pieces fulfill the accepted specifications. For this, we use electrical, magnetic, thermal or optical, and if necessary also chemical testing methods.

Further process
Individual models of your products may require additional processing that may have not been included in the planning for your standard production processes. Acting as an extended workbench, 3 WERK offers diverse material processing methods to cost-effectively individualize your products.